360° Culture

How many things to see in just one lifetime!
Visit the marvellous cities around our hills like Venice the Unique, and Verona the Romantic, or Padova, the Urbs Picta, Unesco World Capital of fourteenth-century painting. All in one hour drive from the villa.
Jump into the past climbing the steep streets of the medieval village of Arquà Petrarca, or indulge in the streets of the walled city of Montagnana, or discover the ancestral remedies coming from the ancient abbey of Praglia.
Enjoy the painted walls of the Catajo Castle and the Villa dei Vescovi.
Discover what’s behind a bottle of wine or oil, visit an oil mill or vine estate.
Taste the many flavours of the gourmet products of our territory.
We are happy to help you make your holiday magic, suggesting all the curiosities of our enchanted land.

Book your dream holiday in the Colli Euganei.

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