Villa La Florita

“Discover our hills, rising like islands in the Po valley. It’s a journey across vineyards, woods, monasteries and castles in the first sanctuary of the Veneto region. The Villa is equipped with modern accomodation facilities.

It has six comfortable rooms, where absolutely everyone can enjoy some peaceful rest in this idyllic spot, the perfect setting for relaxing or for a lazy evening drink, with a view over the valley, or a morning coffee watching the sun rising from the Venice lagoon, sitting on the terrace.
We guarantee our guests privacy, exclusivity, relaxation, culture, sport and entertainment.”

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


A charming heritage on the top of a hill, a stunning view on the valley, reaching the amazing Venice lagoon on the horizon, is located amidst a rich and precious environment, where bushes, olive plantations, vineyards and gentle wildlife are the only neighbour you have.
Our care is to preserve such a beauty, as we understand the significance and the value of our eco system. We do whatever is in our hands to preserve and to improve this magnificent environment.
Here we created the best holiday retreat, where you can practice an interesting variety of indoor and outdoor sports and activities, in a totally private, luxury, and exclusive location.

The Villa

The Villa

Carefree luxury.

Ultimate in privacy.

Haven of peace.

The Private Park

The Private Park

exclusive sanctuary of gentle wildlife, stunning views on Venice lagoon and on the Po Valley.
A fifteen hectare property consisting of woods, olive grove, vineyard, grassland and two small lakes which collect rain water, forming a unique biotope of the entire area. Inquisity fact: you will see some koi carps swimming in these waters!Strolling through the private park you can see many species of:mammals like foxes, weasels, fallow deers, badgers;120 species of birds like woodcocks, hoopoes, buzzards, kestrels, sparrowhawks, hawks, white and grey herons;amphibians like salamanders and the yellow bellied toad.The flora is the typical Mediterranean vegetation and oaks, chestnut trees, robinias, rosehip bushes, junipers, hornbeams and some funny shaped varieties of spontaneous orchids.

All Year Round Sport

All Year Round Sport

gym area

indoor pool swimming

tennis court

finnish sauna

bike and mountain bike

trekking climbing at 2 km from the Villa

360° Culture

360° Culture

Gastronomy – Oenology

Medieval villages

Villas and Castles fresco cycles

Abbeys, Monansteries e Sanctuaries

Padova, Unesco’s Urbs Picta

Venezia and Verona.

All in less than an hour!

Social inclusion playground

Social inclusion playground

We have just finished a playground, next to the house, where kids both abled and differently abled can play and learn through fun games, all together!

Free Wi-Fi, TV, Hi-Fi.

We are pleased to offer our guests entertainment and communication systems, in order to make their stay more enjoyable or, if necessary, even productive


In the villa depedance is present a custodian for your support on site

Gazebo and nearby BBQ

Right beside the kitchen there is, outside, a large dining table and a wood fireplace


We have a safe available for our guest


Directly in front of the house a sunny terrace faces the garden and the valley. A place where our guests can soak up the sun or read a book under the shade of a tree


OTHER FACILITIES given on direct request

Our Goals


We collect rain water to irrigate our gardens
We use solar energy
We compost organics
We are constantly improving the efficiency of our energy-related plants
We safeguard the biodiversity also by recovering endemic vegetation species which have almost disappeared
We mantain an organic vegetable patch

Villa La Florita Teolo Colli Euganei Padova Italy Esclusività Relax Cultura Sport



We take care of our heritage in order to pass in on to future generations. For this reason, for each week of your stay with us, with our guests we plant a small tree that, in time, will contribute improving our enviroment


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